My Cart Is Possessed By The Devil

basic_shopping_basketDuring the weekend, I decided to be nice and go grocery shopping for my mother. She, of course, sat at home and laid around. Fine, I will be the good daughter.

The grocery store is about 10 more or less blocks away. Not really a far distant but a nice little walk. Cool beans I say. So, I take the cart, the brand, new cart, my mother has been raving about. “It’s so easy to carry stuff and I don’t have to worry about dragging heavy bags home.” Sweet! This trip should be a breeze.

I’ll admit that the trip to the store was fine. Of course, there was nothing in the cart but I’m grasping at straws here. I finally get to the store and grab a shopping cart. Hmmm, now how can I possibly carry both the shopping cart and the cart I have from home? I’m thinking easy, the cart should have something that connects to the shopping cart so it won’t fall off.

I’m thinking “Great how the hell I suppose to carry this stupid cart and shop” Plus, I can’t just leave it anywhere. That’s just asking someone to take the cart. So being the genius that I am. I somehow put the cart between the handlebars of the shopping cart so that it stays by itself. Pure genius right.

The Cart Shows Its True Colors
Well, it was pure genius until the damn cart fell down. Now let me say one thing. The fall was not far and the cart was supposed to be sturdy. So why the hell did the FREAKING WHEEL COME OFF! I mean you would have thought I took a hammer to the damn thing. So I look for the wheel and all its little parts and put the wheel back together.

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2 thoughts on “My Cart Is Possessed By The Devil

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