The Devil’s Cart Laughs Last

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nicubunu_Game_baddie_DevilIt’s would be a bad bet to assume that putting a wheel back on a shopping cart would be easy.  First of all, the wheel has a spring with it. That means I have to press the spring down to snapped it back in to place. WHO would have thought a little spring was so freaking strong?! People was passing me by in the store looking at me cursing and looking on the floor for the stupid spring. Then other people was innocent bystanders cause the spring would pop and hit people. But I was fine, I was still sane, happiness found its way into my heart when that wheel finally popped back into place.

The rest of my shopping went without trouble and I was able to get everything I needed without a certain wheel going AWOL.

Of course, the minute I put my groceries in the cart, the damn thing decided to say fuck you.

I didn’t even get 3 steps away from the store when the wheel popped off and rolled down the sidewalk. Of course, I go running for it. So here I am, with a cart with 3 wheels and me on the ground with my face to it trying to find the stupid spring again. Finally, after what seemed like years, the wheel was fixed. So I continue home.

Of course, the wheel flies off about 4 more times on my walk home.

Yes, I thought as I approach my home. I can call this trip to the end and the cart is still good! But no, the wheel once again decided to reclaim its authority and it pops off. Guess where.


I was so close. I looked down at the cart… I just didn’t have the patience or the strength to fix it again. So I buzz the apartment so my mother can help me. Of course she thought I needed to get in.  I buzz like a mad woman and she finally gets the hint that I don’t need to be buzzed in. So on the intercom she says “who is it?”

Who is it? Shouldn’t you have ask that before the 10 million tries you buzzed the door. I yelled it’s me and I need your help. Of course she got downstairs finally cause I dragged the damn thing inside and carried it up the stairs. She says, what happen to the cart. I just looked at her and sat down and closed my eyes.

But of course, that’s not the end.
To add insult to injury- And I mean literally.
I discover several cuts on my hands and knees plus I realize for some reason it was hard for me to walk. Why yes of course my ankle is swelling up and pain is throbbing. I figure it was the cart’s fault because I had to kicked in the wheel since my hands were too tired. Of course it didn’t hurt then but why… its much more fun to have the pain later.


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