What is Going On?

I remember years ago an incident that happen when I was living with my mother. To this day, I’m always a bit nervous when leaving the house.

I’m in Sears applying for a job when my mother calls me. She asks, “What happen to the house?” What in the world is she talking about?

She goes on to tell me the front and back door were wide open. Stuff was thrown all over the place. Our closets were open and stuff was thrown everywhere. All the windows were open and the window fans were about to fall out.

The weirdest part: Nothing was taken.

I thank God for that but if someone breaks into your house, wouldn’t they take something…

Also, I know for sure I locked the door. It’s a habit to twist the doorknob to see if it’s lock. Also, I live in an apartment building. You have to have a key to the main door to get to my house door unless someone let them in. And if they did, they had to know them.

Personally, it looks like the place was setup to look like an attempted burglary. Like they wanted to make sure that we knew someone was there. Personally, I have an idea who did it and it’s someone who has a key to all the doors. They try to make it look like they came through the window. But if they did, the fans would be falling inside the apartment than falling out the window.

I think it was a scare tactic. But anyway, at least no one was home cause who knows what they were thinking. And that nothing was taken.


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