Dirty Old Men

Years ago, my friend and I went to this “modeling studio” cause we had an interview at 1pm.

My friend picks me up around Noon but she forgets to bring the address with her. Of course, just our luck. Good thing, she did remember the address but just in case, I took the guy’s number with me.

We’re making good time and we trying to find Woodlawn street. First, we realize we’re going the wrong way and when we were going the right way we almost turn around cause we didn’t see Woodlawn. Luckily, we did.

So, this guy is supposed to have a studio? Right. We’re driving around and we are SO in a neighborhood. Even if he is on the main street, I still see houses.

I told my friend, “If this is a house, I am tripping.”

She say, “What if it’s an apartment?”

“Then I am turning this car around, even if you’re are driving.”

So, we had a big laugh but we needed an escape plan. I, of course, didn’t bring any weapons of protection. I wasn’t too keen on going into this guy’s house. Plus, when we talk to him on the phone. He was said “wear something tight and short.” Ah right now. I had this tight little outfit on under my jeans and shirt.  I wasn’t trying to show anything off.

Finally we get to the guy’s house after his bogus and confusing directions. My friend had just a pick comb but it had a sharp edge. I told her to bring it. I didn’t have anything but the extra shoes I brought so I was prepared to hit him in the eyes with them.

Once, we got into his house we were a little cautious. Both of us didn’t take our coats off. But after being there a few minutes, we realized he wasn’t an old dirty man trying to see us naked… yet. He was talking to us about the modeling business and how it’s cheaper to work from the home. He showed us his pictures and told us what we needed to do.

The most funniest thing was when he told my friend to go down to 125 pounds. She laughed right in his face. I’m 115 and 4’11”. There is no way for her to go down to 125 without killing herself. 125 is unhealthy for her height. Oh and the part about how she should lose the weight: drink nothing but cranberry juice and eat lettuce. Right… Not gonna happen.

And then, after all of this I thought he forgot about me until he looked down and saw my feet. He was like “what size you wear again?”

“Uh, six to a seven”

He then proceeded to take me back where his shoes were at and made me try on some Japanese made shoes.

They were really comfy and fit good then he said, “That’s a size ten.”

“A size ten!” My friend came running back to see what I was yelling about.

Next, he showed us some of the clothing he has for the models. All I know is most of the dresses were strings put together and others you have to literally pour yourself into.

But all in all, it was a eventful day.

We also saw our other friend who went to school with us after we left. She lived in the same neighborhood.


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