When I was working at my university, I would go to the gym Mon-Thurs with my friend to work out. We always play racket ball after we lift weights. We go to the same court and play for 30 minutes.

One day, I ask could we play basketball for 15 mins then racket ball (at first I wanted to just play basketball but I got tired of playing it… I should have stuck to my gut feeling).

We’re playing racket ball for a few minutes and my friend was playing with the knob on the door…

that is when she realize

OMG, we start screaming and yelling trying to get the doorguard’s attention so he can let us the hell out…

we yell

and yell

and yell

but no reply

so my friend has an idea: I would climb on her back onto her shoulders and pull myself up into the balcony seats above the court.

after the second try I got a hold of the bar and try to drag myself up

I was almost up there but I couldn’t get my leg to go over the wall… so I am just praying that I don’t fall cause I would be out for the count.

Finally, I was able to dragged myself up… go back downstairs and let my friend out….

Of course, we yell at the doorguard about why the hell he didn’t hear us…

his answer: I just heard a bunch of noise…

*hint* damnit *hint*


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