Mini-Review: Wolverine Anime


Based lossely on Wolverine miniseries that was set in Japan, by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller from the early 1980s. Wolverine goes to Japan search for Mariko, a woman he falls for while in New York, and who suddenly disappeared. He finds out that she is the daughter of the head of a Yakuza organization, Yashida Shingen, and was brought back to Japan to fulfill her duty in an arranged marriage. Shingen wants Mariko to marry an influential person, in order to forge a convenient political alliance. Logan attempts to rescue Mariko but it’s gonna be harder than it looks.


Once again, this is Wolverine… Aint no more I can say! The drawing style is shiny and pretty like in the Iron Man anime. I expected Wolverine to be drawn more gruffy (is that even a word) but he looks… well kinda pretty. Not saying Wolverine should be butt ugly, it’s just he had a hard life so he should look HARD. Earlier when the anime was rumored to come out, I was joking that Logan would be screaming ‘MARIKO’ everywhere. Yea, he kinda does. If you read the Wolverine comic mini-series , you kinda know where this is going… Just watching the first 4 episodes I was not wowed like I hoped. But if you love Wolverine, watch this anime. If you tired of the storyline where Wolverine goes through hell for some chick, I swear I need you to stay away. I was hoping for just Wolverine kicking ass.. he does but they added pining for a woman in it.

Rating: Meh. It’s alright


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