Mini-Review: Gantz


The story of Kei Kurono and his childhood friend Masaru Kato who died in a train accident. They become part of a posthumous ‘game’ where they have to hunt down and kill aliens within a certain time period armed with handful of futuristic items of equipment and weaponry. Ah, but they are not alone! Kei and Masaru are transported to a seemingly ordinary apartment with other recently decreased people. Will they work together to survive? Or will they turn on each other for their own survival?


The one thing I can say is the main character, Kei, is not super likable. He’s one of those guys who you don’t love but don’t super hate. It’s indifference which is worse than hate cause you just don’t understand why we even care about the jerk. The anime seems intent on making sure if you start to like him a little bit to dash those hopes. In fact, most of the characters are not super likable. It seems as if bad stuff happens to the characters just because but on the other hand that’s life. The only redeeming character in the story is Masaru who is genuinely kind, heroic and moral… but he’s not the central character… Go figure.

The art style is clean and pretty but not so lush that you wonder if someone is going to throw out rose petals any minute. Gantz is a very violent and bloody anime. You will see guts pouring out. Brains oozing out and all that.. um.. good stuff.

Anime has a very interesting premise. Would you hold on to your human nature in this scenario? Would you question the purpose of your life or if you are really living at all?


Meh. It’s alright. [For those that love really bloody animes even with paper thin storyline, it’s a HELLS YEA!] It’s watchable but only because you wonder how much of a jerk can Kei become.


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