Mini-Review: Kirikou and the Sorceress


A young boy named Kirikou is born in a unusual way.  He is very different than other newborns since he could speak and walk immediately after birth.  Kirikou becomes very curious about the state of the small West African villages he lives in.  His mother tells him that an evil sorceress named Karaba has dried all the water and devoured most of the men except one.  Kirikou without hesitation accompanies the last warrior, his uncle, to face the evil sorceress.  This is the start of Kirikou’s destiny.


I love this movie.  It’s a very sweet story.   The characters are drawn flat and two-dimensional surrounded by bright colors and patterns.   The story reads like an old folk tale which illustrates the struggles Kirikou must overcome.    Kirikou is not written as the typical hero.  His bravery, determination and kindness wins his battles.   If you have a problem with asexual nudity, don’t watch it.   Otherwise, you should see this movie!

Rating: Hell Yeas!!


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