Mini-Review: Princess Tutu Anime


Before the story of Princess Tutu, there was a writer named Drosselmeyer.  He had the power to make stories become reality.  The townspeople became fearful of this power and chopped of his hands then killed him.   Drosselmeyer’s last story, The Prince and The Raven, was left unfinished leaving the Prince and the Raven to battle each other forever without release.  Eventually, the Raven figured out how to break out of the story into the real world.  The Prince pursued the Raven and shatter his own heart with his sword in order to seal the Raven away.

Unbeknownst to the townspeople, Drosselmeyer longed written about himself before dying and was able to continue control events.  He decided to changed the direction of the story.  He changes a duck aptly named Duck to Princess Tutu and gives her the power to restore pieces of the Prince’s heart to him.  Duck can never tell the Prince her feelings for him or else she disappears in a flash of light.


At first, I thought Princess TuTu will be just another “Magical Girl” anime but I was pleasantly surprised.   It’s more of a ballet fairy-tale with Magical Girl elements throw in.  The anime takes some story elements from Swan Lake and other fairy-tale ballets.    The biggest concept in the anime is fate versus free will.  Do we really have no say in our future or can we beat the odds of our situation?   It also explores how our outside persona is used to cover up the real emotions inside.  Someone who tries to please everyone may just experiencing loneliness and going overboard to placate that raw feeling.

The artwork is beautiful.  It feels nostalgic and fragile if that makes any sense.   Conflicts in Princess Tutu are not solved through violence but ballet dances.  I have to admit during some of the “fight” scenes I got a bit emotional.    The combination of the beautiful art, dance sequences, music, and words can tug a bit at the heart strings.  If you like character driven anime and ballet, I think you will enjoy Princess Tutu.   Let me say this, Mytho (the Prince) is a bit dead but I guess since he’s suppose to not have a heart or emotions..  meh…

Rating: Hells Yea!


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