Operation Cubicle #17: Interviewing

Operation Cubicle #17: Interviewing.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole tackle interviews at jobs as well as the privilege of being our friends / boyfriends / girlfriends / let’s be friends / we can do this every weekend / is that alright with you / keep banging.

On the corporate side, Jackson dances on the thin line between cocky and confident, BCole reminds us that Minneapolis runs this Fortune 500 rap game, and JP is swarmed by an HR group interviewing mob of villians. We are officially Anti-Whoo Hoo.

On the geeky side, Jackson tortures himself at a date that was doomed from the start, JP dates Steve Harvey, and BCole sits on a bully for great justice, Move Zig!

Music: Lootpack – Soundpieces Da Antidote! – “WhenIBOnDaMic” and “HitYaWaDat”


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