Operation Cubicle #19: Commuting

Operation Cubicle #19: Commuting.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole talk about getting to and from work and beyond! But first, we drink in honor of Mad Men and we give an update on the JP’s ninja wedding and dudes that don’t dance

On the corporate side, Jackson can’t stop brushing his hair in the car, JP resists the undeniable flirting skills of a Black Israelite my sistaaaaah, and BCole proclaims his love of the Minnesota skyway and hatred of the Timberwolves,

Then,we have an all out battle about the best way that we REALLY want to get around. Jackson talks about parallel parking the damn Batmobile, JP might just gore you with the horn from her Pegasus, and B Cole is an agent for the dinosaurs. Remember, if you can train a dragon, you can train a dinosaur … I think.

Music: Mountain Brothers – Self Vol 1 – “Ain’t Nuthin 98” and “Paperchase”


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