Operation Cubicle #24: Language

Operation Cubicle #24: Language.

JP had to handle some business this week, so its up to Agent Jackson and BCole to use words to talk about … words, and the language that we use in and outside of work. But first: we give the official review of Mayweather walking in with Justin Beiber before the Cotto fight, and we read feedback from the Dress Code episode (#24) where we talk about Eddie Bauer, body mods, and paying to dress casually.

On the Corporate side, Jackson talks about using words that resonate with your audience, BCole hates on invented words like “processeeeees” and we somehow tie a discussion of the hated words “deliverable” and “low hanging fruit” into BCole snitching on the human resistance when the robots take over.

On the geeky side, we talk about cursing in front of parents, Belly 3 featuring Nas vs the Predator, and using old school slang to a limit. After all, you can say “word” but not “word to the mutha”. !

Music: Aesop Rock – Labor Days – “Daylight” and “Night Light”


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