Operation Cubicle #25: Taking A Break

Operation Cubicle #25: Taking A Break.

BCole is busy buying us gifts for our 25th episode, so Agent Jackson and JP hold it down. We discuss the intellectual merits of the Mayback Music press conference and the wizadry of one Omarion aka Maybach O. We also read feedback from ep24, the Language episode, and we talk about using “ask” as a verb and everyone’s love for No Limit.

On the corporate side of taking a break, JP represents for the hot chcolate mafia and Jackson extols the virtue of staring into space as a break from excessive data entry.

On the geeky side of taking a break, Jackson doesn’t believe in timeout and recalls being popped in the mouth several times before holding his arms up indefinitely at the YMCA, and JP accepts her role as being the person her friends go to when they are angry. Also, Jackson needs JP to help him actually get through books – he takes too many breaks!!

Music: Bahamadia – Kollage – “Rugged Ruff” and “Wordplay”


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