Operation Cubicle #26: Working TIme

Operation Cubicle #26: Working Time.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole talk about the mythical unicorn known as the 8 hour work day. But first, we read listener feedback including bears wearing icy watches, speedreading through crappy books, spanking kids vs timeout, and whether lunch at your cube successfully repels coworkers.

On the corporate side of the podcast, Jackson speaks about working more hours than he charged for as a contractor, BCole gloats about not only getting paid OT while salaried but getting DOUBLE pay at that, and we all feel bad for JP having very, very late evening meetings.

On the geeky side, Jackson takes a trip down his video game programming days, JP destroys Crashplan for Linux, BCole spends a lot of time getting his Oddworld gaming on, we all spend too much damn watching TV as we talk about the shows we’ve cut out from our DVRs and what we’re looking forward to. Of course we don’t talk about fanfic of House and Wilson together, we’re too honorable for that!

Music: Akrboatik – Detonator Records Vol 1 – “The Flow rmx” and “Too Chill”


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