Operation Cubicle #28: Cleanliness

Operation Cubicle #28: Cleanliness.

Agent Jackson, BCole, and JP welcome Rodimus Prime and SayDatAgain from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast as we try to shed the germs and stay clean! We start with reading feedback about Teddy Ruxpin, 2XL, working in an organized mess, and BlackTribbles.com.

On the corporate side, Jackson says that McDonalds is more disgusting than you think, JP counters with the wonderful cleanliness of Wendy’s, B Cole is bitten by a radioactive Ron Jeremey, Karen values the bathroom air freshner, and Rod escapes an incredibly pervy manager.

On the geeky side, Jackson throws away mad stuff when he moves, B Cole is ready for the zombie / bath salt apocalypse, JP keeps the magic doors locked when company visits, Rod uses the “Do I want to carry it twice” rule, and Karen works sick for some reason. With great power comes get responsibility.

Music: Andre 3000 – The Love Below – “Roses” and “A Day In The Life of Andre Benjamin”

Guest Info: TheBlackGuyWhoTips.com, +The Black Guy Who Tips


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