Operation Cubicle #30: Summer Heat

Operation Cubicle #30: Summer Heat.

Agent Jackson, BCole, and JP welcome Classick Material from the Cold Slither Podcast to sweat it out with us in this sauna of an episode. During the intro we read feedback on more shows to hatewatch and having cyborg listeners, as well as go off on Sandusky.

On the corporate side, we talk about keeping cool during hot work days and that annoying coworker always complaining about heat. Classick enjoys hot soup when it’s hot for some reason, Jackson connects sweat rings to temperature, JP keeps her hair wet, and BCole purifies himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

On the geeky side, we talk about growing up with A/C, favorite summer games and treats. Classick promotes ice cream trucks playing reggae, Jackson talks about fair Eastside , JP loves the candy lady and the candy truck, and BCole goes to a pressurized school chamber.

Music: AZ – Aziatic – “Rebirth” and “A-1 Performance”

Guest Info Cold Slither Podcast, +Cold Slither Podcast, +Classick Material, @ColdSlitherPod @ClassickMateria


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