Operation Cubicle #39: Sleep

Operation Cubicle #39: Sleep.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and special Guest Sydney (who’s been providing our wonderful Cubicle Breks) try to stay the hell away as we talk about sleep. But first, we talk about booty twerking, allergies and the difference between perfume and cologne.

On the corporate side, Jackson dangerously rests his head on his hand during meetings and goes to la la land, JP does phone conferences from the bed and totally dozes off, and Sydney will call your ass out if you fall asleep during her presentations. Plus, l33t alarm haxxoring!

On the geeky side, Jackson just wanted to stay up late enough to watch the Tonight Show as a kid, JP details her temporary cuddle struggle with snorers and non-snorers alike , and Sydney explains the benefits of white noise. You hang up. No you hang up. No you hang up. No you … zzzzzzzzzz

Guest info: @ThatsMsSydney2U

Music: A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders – “Award Tour” and “God Lives Through”


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