Operation Cubicle #41: Admin Assistants

Operation Cubicle #41: Admin Assistants.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and special guest Martin of the Super Jawncast throw assists to various admins. But first in the intro, we talk about cats finding your hidden computer porn, why Alice from Resident Evil always wakes up naked, the Resident Evil 6 demo, and the wonders of an Ultimate Warrior motivational reality show. We also read user feedback on The Unwritten Rules web series, chili recipes, and more shitting on Nicholas Cage. We also shade Melissa of Nerdgasm Noire for not knowing who Reverend Run is … come on!

On the corporate side, Jackson has no balls and will suck it up if he needs help from a mean admin, JP lets us know that the contractor gossip completely pwns the admin gossip, and Martin’s admin is her boss’s court jester Off with her head if she doesn’t like Drive Angry!.

On the geeky side, Jackson uses his Barry White voice as defense against using call waiting when talking to the ladies, JP gets all Beverly Hillbilly on us, and Martin shares his hate for Xmas. Also, we discuss famous admins with the worst jobs.

Music: The Roots – Things Fall Apart – “Table of Contents 1 & 2” and “The Next Movement”

Guest Info +The Super Jawncast , Martin Legget, @SuperJawncast, @JawncastMart


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