Operation Cubicle #43: Promotions

Operation Cubicle #43 Promotions.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield and special guest Tatiana King aka The Grand Duchess are promoted to another level of awesome. But first in the intro, we talk about the Black Weblog Awards nominations, we give Fall TV thoughts on Scandal, 666 Park Ave and others. We also read user feedback about Revenge and Peggy’s ranking on our admin assistants episode.

On the corporate side, Jackson wants to be the go-to resource even if he’s not promoted, Tatiana is the operation manager of … operations, and JP has advice for people that shit on their previous bosses during interviews.

On the geeky side, Jackson caresses his Matrix Reloaded DVD to shield it from the hate of being a bad sequel, Tatiana trolls everyone with the Mario Kart blue shell , and JP swears off any more Batman movies. FOREVER.

Music: Camp Lo – Uptown Saturday Night – “Say Word” and “Sparkle (Midnight Mix)”

Guest Info: @TatianaKing +Tatiana King


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