Operation Cubicle #45: Lost & Found

Operation Cubicle #45 Lost & Found.


Agent Jackson aka NintenTribble and JP Fairfield aka RyokoTribble are hopelessly lost, but found by Len aka Cruze aka Bat Tribble from BlackTribbles.com and proceed to have a hell of a show.

In the intro that’s too long for Len to conceive, we talk about pulling teeth with a string, the Choice Is Yours Kia hamster commercial, school fights, eating chips and grape soda in the office, and why Len hates social media.

On the corporate side, Jackson gets chewed out for losing his McDonald’s visor, JP will drop kick a fool that steals her laptop bag from the bus, and Len is so super perfect that he doesn’t lose anything – but somehow manages to eat himself into a fast food coma. Two cubicle breaks are also cocked and loaded for your pleasure.

On the geeky side, Jackson offends the Bat Tribble by losing his Batman comic on the train , JP’s friends lose things in bunches, Len discusses the protocol of “losing” an umbrella, and they all battle about the best memory loss movie, which just might be a random episode of Martin. Shout out to Bookem “Straight to DVD” Woodbine

Music:: DJ Krush – Milight – “Shinjiro w/ Mos Def” and “Real w/ Tragedy Khadafi”

Guest Info: http://blacktribbles.com, http://facebook.com/blacktribbles, http://twitter.com/blacktribbles


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