Operation Cubicle #47: Politics

Operation Cubicle #47 Politics.

Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield are elected as co-presidents of America! But first in the intro, we talk about a few new podcasts: Ratchet and The Geek, Hey You Know It, and Grin and Bear. We also continue the pumpkin coffee battle, talk Owlgebra, and share rumors about the mysterious pumpkin donut muffin

On the corporate side, Jackson hates on the person that sneaks politics into every conversation while JP hates questions about politics, religion, or relationships in the office.

On the geeky side, Jackson talks about the fun of canvassing and volunteering for political candidates, JP shows love to the NSBE secretaries out there, and decide which X-Men are the best fit for the Romneys and Obamas.

Music: Salt And Pepa – Hot Cool and Vicious – “I’ll Take Your Man” and “Tramp”


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