Operation Cubicle #48: Office Games

Operation Cubicle #48 Office Games.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield and special gust Justin LaGrande aka 8bit Animal are running game on fools, all day, errday. But first we talk about our appearances on Now In Session with Monika and Bruce as well as Black Tribbles, the phone sex voice, and the nonos of sexting . We also read feedback about political groups at work, elections vs reelections, and the unfortunate cancellation of 666 Park Ave and Last Resort.

On the corporate side, Jackson is a total minesweeper god, JP destroys the idea of stupid icebreakers and gold outings, and Justin does “research” with his consoles at work.

On the geeky side, Jackson prefers cell phone and tablet gaming over consoles, JP’s grandma gets the best of her during card games, Justin stands up for Mega Man 2, and we all talk about the video game movie that we’d watch if we had a gun put to our head. Apparently Justin only thinks the crappy ones qualify.

Music: The Alkaholiks – Coast II Coast – “2014” and “Daaaamn”,
Guest Info http://8bitanimal.com
Cubicle Break: http://cubiclebreak.tumblr.com, http://twitter.com/cubiclebreak
Twitter: (http://twitter.com/OperationCube, http://twitter.com/Isitis)


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