OpCube Greatest Clips #26-40

OpCube Greatest Clips #26-40.

Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield are off enjoying the holidays, but we love you so much that we’ve sliced and diced episodes 26-40 to bring you a greatest hits show! Prepare for our discussions on killing sims, Cleopatra 2525, working at Wendys, the “i’m leaving bitches” dance, stalking people with badges, coworkers afraid to ask you questions, superman vs hulk vs Jackson, a three step process to avoid desk hoverers, Return of the Mack, corporate scorecards, cologne vs perfume, and the unbraiding machine.

Guests: Rod and Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips, Classick Material from the Cold Slither podcast, Eclectik from the Eclectik Discussion Podcast, Tim Dogg from The KLIQ Nation Podcast, Johanna, and Sydney from Cubicle Break.


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