OpCube Greatest Clips #41-52

OpCube Greatest Clips #41-52.

You’re hung over (or still wasted) from New Years, we know. So why not listen to part 2 of our greatest clips of 2012, featuring clips from episodes 41-52? Listen to us as we talk about Halloween hatred, being naked in the library and the office, pre-Nolan Batman movies, JP’s epic shorty crew fight story, fighting as a little kid, pumpkin coffee and burnt-wet pumpkin pie, the joys of painting, competitive games and betting inflation, bribing for good grades with money and dessert, the proper way to shake down Starbucks, and spoiler alert: Santa Clause is a myth!

Guests: Martin Legget of the Super Jawncast, Tatiana King, Len aka Cruze aka Bat Tribble from Black Tribbles, De Ana Jones of Nerdgasm Noire,and Justin LaGrande of 8bitanimal.


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