Operation Cubicle #59: Advice

Operation Cubicle #59 Advice.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and special guest Sherry of Geeks Gone Raw show you how awesome it is to give bad advice.

Corporate side
– during the first few weeks of a job, do you seek advice from people?
– when you see new people coming in, do you like to give them advice?
– do you have people at work that you ask for advice on personal issues?

Geeky side
– did your high school college guidance officer actually give you good advice about where to apply?
– what is the one topic that people consistently come to you for advice about?
– if you’re trying to take over the world, what Villian would the the best advice? I.e. megatron, shredder, joker, ganon, voldemort, Loki, etc

Guest Info: geeksgoneraw.com, twitter.com/SherrysJoy

Music: Reflection Eternal – Train of Thought – “This Means You w/ Mos Def” & “The Blast”


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