Operation Cubicle #60: Paid or Unpaid

Operation Cubicle #60 Paid or Unpaid.

Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield talk about working for no money, dealing with interns, getting paid for doing chores, and people’s bad habits that we’d pay them to stop. Somehow, Mattell’s gendered toys and McDonalds fishbites also fit into the convo.

Corporate side
-Have you ever done an unpaid internship?
– Have you ever had an internship lead directly to a job?
– Have you dealt with interns at a job? Are they idiots?

Geeky side
– as a kid, what company would you work for for free? i.e. Nintendo, Toys R Us, etc
– Did you ever get paid for doing chores? Would you want to?
– What’s the most annoying habit of a friend / family member that you would pay them to stop? (don’t have to name names obvs)

Music: Defari – Focused Daily – “Bionic” and “Lowlands Anthem”


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