Operation Cubicle #61: Change Gonna Come

Operation Cubicle #61 Change Gonna Come.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and special guest Aaron of GameEnthus.com change back and forth about change at work. New CEOs, changing habits, spare change, and cool transformation changes.

Corporate side
– When you’ve changed jobs, do you find it hard to break old habits?
– Have you ever had the CEO change and have you noticed a difference in your work life?

Geeky side
– Do you have a space in your house to keep your spare change?
– Do you carry around cash / change for parking meters, etc?
– Who has the best transformation: ex: Prince Adam into HE-Man, Jerica Benton into Jem, Lion-O into … Lion-O w/ the Sword of Omens, etc

Guest Info: gameenthus.com, twitter.com/Ind1fference

Music: Gran Puba – 2000 – “Amazing” and “I Like It”


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