Operation Cubicle #62: Resumes

Operation Cubicle #62 Resumes.

Agent Shareef Jackson JP Fairfield and special guest Kia aka TheLast Storm of Nerdgasm Noire Network attempt to compartmentalize our entire lives into one or two pages for a resume. We ride with the two page resume, talk about recruiters that you can’t understand over the phone, and do we really need cover letters? Also, why Shareef is the whitest name ever.

Corporate side
– do you like having a résumé over one page?
– do you include a summary on your résumé?
– do you fill out cover letters?

Geeky side
– what would you leave off of your résumé (funny and embarrassing thing that happened to you)
– are you closer with friends or family? Which would you use as a “reference”?

Guest Info: twitter.com/thelaststorm

Music: Mos Def – Black On Both Sides – “Know That (w/ Kweli)” and “Hip Hop”


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