Let’s Talk About Women Hosts

Everyone’s always talking about diversity in media but the one place that gets neglected is podcasting.  I read an interesting article, Women Hosted Podcasts, written by Julie Shapiro detailing her journey to find more women hosted podcasts.  Let’s just say that some of the stats she found were depressing.

Here’s a quote that I thought was poignant.

And they point to the disappointing truth: that podcasting – hailed back in 2004 as a “revolutionary” new tool for freedom of expression and endless creative opportunity – quickly copped the same gender stereotypes and realities that traditional broadcasting environments have demonstrated throughout history.

No matter how new and revolutionary something appears… it can never truly be an open space if it mimics the same barriers that pulled us back into older ways.  Let’s do better as a community and support each other & especially minority populations within our ranks.  Please check out the article and view the list of Women Hosted Podcasts.  You may find a new show you like!

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