Operation Cubicle #63: Videos

Operation Cubicle #63 Videos.

Agent Jackson & JP Fairfield talk about the myriads of video and movie files that cross their desktops, as well as the ones that we might see legally or illegally outside of work. We tackle the questions below, as well as an Agent Smith – Iron Man 3 crossover, Will smith’s stupid After Earth voice, losing Final Fight for the SNES, the Adria Richards fiasco, Bollywood flicks, and how to ask for a first date.

Corporate side
– Do you ever watch video at work? YouTube, full movies, etc?
– Have you ever sent or been sent an inappropriate movie at work?
– Did you have to watch videos as part of orientation for harassament, training, etc?

Geeky side
– Do you like seeing movies on opening weekend?
– Did you buy bootlegg movies before the days of downloading?
– Do you think going to the movies makes for a good date?

Music: Lords of the Underground – Here Come The Lords – “Chief Rocka” & “Funky Child”


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