Operation Cubicle #64: Pets and Babies

Operation Cubicle #64 Pets and Babies.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and special guests Jacquetta Szathmari & Katie Kazimir  from the Hey You Know it podccast dilly and dally with the furry beasts and spawns of humans.  We answer the questions below, and in the  middle we get mixed up in kicking pets in the face vs giving them bacon, wondering if a baby is the best thing to come out of someone’s body, discovering why Black men are trusted with holding babies, hearing about dogs balling out in Aspen, having python on python hot action, pissing anywhere as part of the fish life, and going from boo berry to beej. Has ANYONE else seen Denver the last Dinosaur?!?!?!

Corporate side
– Do you ever watch video at work? YouTube, full movies, etc?
– Have you ever sent or been sent an inappropriate movie at work?
– Did you have to watch videos as part of orientation for harassment, training, etc?

Geeky side
– Do you like seeing movies on opening weekend?
– Did you buy bootlegg movies before the days of downloading?
– Do you think going to the movies makes for a good date?

Guest Info: www.heyyouknowit.com/ , biggunsbigtobacco.com

Music: Leaders of the New School – T.I.M.E. – “What’s Next” & “Classic Material”


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