Operation Cubicle #65: Taxes

Operation Cubicle #65 Taxes.

Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield tax the hell out of each other by the filing date. We answer the questions below, but somehow we get tangled up in congratulating Lamont on winning the best cubicle story contest, why filing in multiple states should be like the college common applicaiton, online banking with ING, Irwin R Schyster, and why Richie Rich was so boring.

Corporate side
– do you itemize work expenses (working from home office, dry cleaning, etc)?
– has your company ever messed up how much tax they took out, leaving you to owe?
– do you do your own or use CPA, hr block etc

Geeky side
– if you get a refund, do you spend it or save it?
– would you rather be rich and pay a lot of taxes, or make enough to live and pay no taxes
– who can deduct the most off their taxes? Ex: Scrooge mcduck, Bruce Wayne, tony stark, tywin lannister

Music: Boogie Down Productions – By Any Means Necessary – “I’m Stil #1” and “Ya Slippin”


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