Google “Whole Lotta Changes”

If you haven’t noticed, Google+ recently went through a redesigned.  Let’s say that most people on Google+ were NOT THRILLED!!   I felt I was in the minority who LOVE the changes.

I rather not bored myself or you with listing them off but you can go to Mashable where they discuss the various changes implemented.

The problem that I had was a portion of the Google+ users unwilling to even try the redesign.  I make it very known that I hate Facebook but even I take a day or two to look over any redesign before announcing I’m done 5ever.   I rather people try it out for a day or two then announce their hate for it.  The weirdest thing is the redesign is exactly like the design on the tablet and mobile app.  You love it on mobile but hate it on desktop?  Yes, some sites look better optimized in certain design aesthetics than others but I personally hate when the mobile version of an app works completely different than the desktop.  I don’t want to relearn how to use a site just because its now on mobile!  I’m sure down the line as long as users keep sending in feedback there will be adjustments to Google+.

Oh, in case you didn’t know, Google Reader is not the only thing shutting down.  Google games in Google+ will be talking the long walk goodbye on June 30th.  It was a long time coming since a lot of people have abandon the game service.   On the other hand, I’m curshed cause my favorite web game, Triple Town, will be the victim in all of this.  NOOO BABY NOOO!!!

Let’s pour out a little something for my homey Triple Town.

triple town


You will be missed!  

Throws self to ground…


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