AppHappy: Todo.txt

Welcome to another installment of AppHappy where I squeed about apps that made my day.

I’m going to talk about the app Todo.txt.  It’s a simple productivity manager tracking your todo list in a text file.  Yes, you heard that right… all your tasks are saved to a text file.Todo.txt Touch for mobile

I have tried so many different todo managers such as Google Tasks, Remember the Milk, Astrid, Wunderlist and the list goes on but I eventually stop using these apps forgetting about my tasks .  I wanted something very simple and can easily sync between my phone and computer without complexities.  I do realize some of the apps I mention have the ability to sync but the setup for Todo.txt felt far more simpler to implement.

Not only that, if I’m on a computer without Todo.txt app I can still view my todo list by opening it in Notepad.  Plus, I feel I have far more in control in what Todo.txt app I use to track and manage my todos.  I can choose to use a command line, mobile app, web version, desktop version, or any combination to fit my needs.  I like having those options.

In order to use Todo.txt, you need a todo.txt application (I use Android & desktop version), text file named todo.txt and Dropbox.   It uses dropbox to sync your todo list across mobile and desktop devices.  Since I’m already using Dropbox, it was easy for me to link the todo.txt app.

I love how I can filter by Projects, Priority and Context by using special notations.   If I want to create a new task that will be part of my  Computer Build project, I just need to type in “Research new Mini-ATX motherboards for i5 processors +ComputerBuild”  That’s it.  If I want to, I can go back and add priority or context.  The most important functionality for me is speed and simplicity.  I’m too easily distracted to deal with todo managers that give a lot of flashy options or take too much work to submit a new task.  Todo.txt is simple and clean while giving me enough options that I won’t waste so much time trying to perfect everything.

Question:  What todo managers are you using and how easily did it fit into your daily life?


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