The Idiocy of Street Harassment

Someone started the hashtag #TrueLoveAccordingToStreetHarassment (think it was @yeloson).  You can go to the link where I storify most of the tweets. It sparked a situation that happen to me earlier in the week.

I wanted to do something very simple.  I wanted to go to the grocery store, buys some items, and try out a new recipe.  Unfortunately, I never got a chance to do that because I was just too mentally tired to deal with being harass on my way there.  Usually, I would solider on and ignore it but that day I didn’t have it in me.  I was already nervous enough cause it was several men there and I was alone.

Every time, I try to discuss my experience with Street Harassment I always get the “Don’t you like compliments? It seems pretty innocent”. Right, I should be grateful for every demand to smile or offer to talk. The minute I politely decline I’m suddenly a ugly bitch who should be lucky a man try to talk to me… Is that what I should be happy about? I don’t owe anyone the acceptance of their compliments or my time. Most of the times, my ‘NO’ is ignored and I have to worry if this guy is going to try and hurt me. Yet, I’m suppose to be accepting of this.

The only thing I want to say to men is to be aware of how you approach women. Even the most respectful approach can be seen as dangerous if you decide to stop a woman in the alley. We are not mind readers so it’s better to assume all men are capable of hurting us than letting down our guard for the wrong person. Hell, being careful don’t work every time. Women need to be see as people and not an object. Women don’t go outside for the enjoyment of the male gaze.. we go outside cause we have lives.. which don’t revolve around the wants of men or your inflated sense of masculinity. For once, I just want to go to the store without being harassed.


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