Being Blood Doesn’t Mean I have To Like You #31WriteNow

I never thought much of the saying, “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”. It was one of those universal truths that no matter what; family is important. As I grew older, I realized that family is not just blood but bonds of trust. Trust is the simple most important factor in any relationship. Why should that be any different just because people share the same bloodlines? I learn a very important lesson this past weekend; blood without trust and respect ain’t thick at all.

I’ll admit that I don’t have a very good relationship with my father. It’s more of an acquaintance than a parent/child relationship. I beat myself up for not making more of an effort to create a stronger relationship but there was always something holding me back. I made excuses for my failures when in the back of my mind I knew the reasons. Well, I woke up real quick and stop crushing that gut feeling telling me to cut my loses. Let’s say he did something which made me feel betrayed and hurt. It’s been something I have warned him about on multiple occasions and this was the last straw. I can’t keep allowing myself to be hurt by the same actions repeatedly and be surprised every time. I shouldn’t be angry and hurt more than I’m happy. So, I’m stepping away. Will he change? Who knows but I’m done with the roller-coaster ride.


One thought on “Being Blood Doesn’t Mean I have To Like You #31WriteNow

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