Post Round-up 8.7.2013

Don’t forget to check out the articles I wrote for Nerdgasm Noire Network  for #31WriteNow.

Black Weblog Awards Are Back!!

The Black Weblog Awards are back and we need your help! Nominations are currently open from now until September 6, 2013. You can nominate Nerdgasm Noire Network for as many categories as you like but you can only make 5 nominations on the form at one time.

Blerds Night Out! #31WriteNow

Walking into the ThoughtWorks offices, I was a bit nervous. I’d never went to events of this nature. Networking events usually make me anxious, so @thewayoftheid tagged along. Luckily, Blerdology’s “Blerds Night Out” didn’t turn out to be an exercise of my lack of people skills.

Geeky Friends Are The Best #31WriteNow

Whether you consider yourself a nerd, geek or blerd, you are my favorite type of friend.  Not saying that my other types of friends are not cool but who else will suggest karaoke at a comic book shop.

I ❤ Songza #31WriteNow

Have you ever heard of Songza?   It’s another music streaming and recommendation site.  I have tried Grooveshark, Pandora, Spotify and a few others but Songza has won the fight.

Here is linkage to posts for #31WriteNow for this blog.

Got That Old Thang Back

Not many of you remember but about three years ago my work laptop was stolen. I was on a bus…

Being Blood Doesn’t Mean I have To Like You #31WriteNow

I never thought much of the saying, “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”. It was one of those universal truths that no matter what; family is important. As I grew older, I realized that family is not just blood but bonds of trust.


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