Y U Make This So Hard Twitter? #31WriteNow

I’m tired of twitter lists. I really don’t understand their purpose. Ok, I understand the purpose somewhat but considering how difficult Twitter makes it to manage them defeats it. Who thought adding one name at a time was a good idea? Who thought not visually displaying if a person was added to a list already was a good idea? It takes two steps to see if a twitter follower is in a list. They could cut out those steps by showing next to the username what list they are currently saved to. But NOOOOO, Twitter wants you to click each follower one by one to see what list they are on. BLEH!

I thought to myself there has to be some programs I can use to manage my Twitter lists.  So far, Twitilist, TweetBe.at and Twitlistmanager. Twitilist doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Tweetbe.at is pretty but can be just as cumbersome as managing lists on Twitter. Twitlistmanager is the easiest to use.. except the list names doesn’t stay in view while scrolling down follow list.

Guess I’ll just avoid twitter lists until a better option comes along.


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