RWBY Series #31WriteNow

Did you get a chance to check out the new series called RWBY  created by Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth?   The series is inspired by fairytale characters… if they had awesome weapons and cool powers.

The animation style is very bright and clean with clear influences of anime.   I love how light the drawing appears as if the characters are ready to jump out the screen any minute.  This series with its fight scenes and interesting art style would make a gorgeous video game.

Check out the first episode below


2 thoughts on “RWBY Series #31WriteNow

  1. I checked the first episode out. It really was was decent for an independent animation project. That said, it doesn’t stand out that much compared with the action in a professional anime that use the same sort of graphics (BRS and such), and the plot was sort of generic. I still hope it does well so the animators can refine things further and bring a higher level expertise to a future series.

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