Skype Y U Throw out Third-Party Apps


For those who haven’t heard, Skype will be closing their Desktop API after December 2013. Skype has already close the App Directory in September and moving developers toward using the SKype URI solution. If you are an user who is using a Third-Party app for Skype, a message warning that your app will stop working should have appear.

I’m disappointed cause this will effect a LOT of podcasters who take advantage of Third-Party voice recorder applications. Personally, I use CallGraph to record the Nerdgasm Noire Podcast and Skype Player as a soundboard. Right now, I’m working on alternative ways to record Skype conversations plus play sounds without headache.

Looking for a new way to record podcasts? You can take advantage of Google Hangouts on Air and use tools to extract the audio. You can try other Conferencing software that have recording functionality. Audacity is another way to record Skype without relying on the Third-Party apps. You can even go beyond that and invest in a mixer.

What do you think of Skype removing Third-Party applications?


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