RWBY Series #31WriteNow

Did you get a chance to check out the new series called RWBY  created by Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth?   The series is inspired by fairytale characters… if they had awesome weapons and cool powers.

The animation style is very bright and clean with clear influences of anime.   I love how light the drawing appears as if the characters are ready to jump out the screen any minute.  This series with its fight scenes and interesting art style would make a gorgeous video game.

Check out the first episode below


Distraction is My Best Friend #31WriteNow


I’m always talking about how much of a procrastinator I am but that’s not the entire truth.    I’m more of a distracted procrastinator… It goes both ways.  I try to get some work done but a thought pops into my brain.  Of course, this thought sounds like an awesome idea so let me write it down.  Well, I should research it a bit and add the links to my notes.  I shouldn’t waste my time on links without good information so let’s read it thoroughly.  Since I read SO MUCH, let’s just implement that idea right now…
Next thing I know, it’s 4 hours later and completely forget what I was originally doing.

Y U Make This So Hard Twitter? #31WriteNow

I’m tired of twitter lists. I really don’t understand their purpose. Ok, I understand the purpose somewhat but considering how difficult Twitter makes it to manage them defeats it. Who thought adding one name at a time was a good idea? Who thought not visually displaying if a person was added to a list already was a good idea? It takes two steps to see if a twitter follower is in a list. They could cut out those steps by showing next to the username what list they are currently saved to. But NOOOOO, Twitter wants you to click each follower one by one to see what list they are on. BLEH!

I thought to myself there has to be some programs I can use to manage my Twitter lists.  So far, Twitilist, and Twitlistmanager. Twitilist doesn’t seem to be working anymore. is pretty but can be just as cumbersome as managing lists on Twitter. Twitlistmanager is the easiest to use.. except the list names doesn’t stay in view while scrolling down follow list.

Guess I’ll just avoid twitter lists until a better option comes along.

Writing Cold Shoulder #31WriteNow

I have never saw myself as a writer but participating in the #31WriteNow challenge has shown me how hard it is to write consistently.   I was doing so well the first 14 days but on the 15th my brain went blank.  I had NO IDEA what to write about next.  I had a couple topics written down in my to-do list but nothing called out to me.  Now, I find myself 4 posts 3 posts behind in this challenge.

I don’t want to give up so Monday will be a writing frenzy or I will take the easy out by posting gifs and videos… We shall see.

This Day Has Been… Interesting #31WriteNow

There has been a lot going on between Twitter and Tumblr.  The situation with the hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen, Stop and Frisk declared unconstitutional, and Kendrick Lamar going hard on verses has given me social network fatigue.

I took a hour hiatus from electronic devices.  I turn off my work laptop, personal laptop, my tablet, and my phone.  I laid down on my couch and breathe slowly.  It was relaxing.  I think I will do that more often.  We are often so plugged in we forget we have the option to opt out every once in a while.

World of Heroes #31WriteNow

I’ve been on a Youtube kick lately but I’m LOVING Stan Lee’s Youtube channel World of Heroes.

My favorite series on World of Heroes is Chatroom of Solitude.  What happens when you take villains or heroes & put them into a video chatroom together?

Hilarity I say.. HI-LA-RI-TY

Check out the first episode below or go straight to the playlist with all posted episodes.

The other series they have are Cosplay Piano, Bad Days, Superhero, Supervillian Speed Dating and much more.  Let me know what you think!

Post Round-up 8.7.2013

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Black Weblog Awards Are Back!!

The Black Weblog Awards are back and we need your help! Nominations are currently open from now until September 6, 2013. You can nominate Nerdgasm Noire Network for as many categories as you like but you can only make 5 nominations on the form at one time.

Blerds Night Out! #31WriteNow

Walking into the ThoughtWorks offices, I was a bit nervous. I’d never went to events of this nature. Networking events usually make me anxious, so @thewayoftheid tagged along. Luckily, Blerdology’s “Blerds Night Out” didn’t turn out to be an exercise of my lack of people skills.

Geeky Friends Are The Best #31WriteNow

Whether you consider yourself a nerd, geek or blerd, you are my favorite type of friend.  Not saying that my other types of friends are not cool but who else will suggest karaoke at a comic book shop.

I ❤ Songza #31WriteNow

Have you ever heard of Songza?   It’s another music streaming and recommendation site.  I have tried Grooveshark, Pandora, Spotify and a few others but Songza has won the fight.

Here is linkage to posts for #31WriteNow for this blog.

Got That Old Thang Back

Not many of you remember but about three years ago my work laptop was stolen. I was on a bus…

Being Blood Doesn’t Mean I have To Like You #31WriteNow

I never thought much of the saying, “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”. It was one of those universal truths that no matter what; family is important. As I grew older, I realized that family is not just blood but bonds of trust.

Being Blood Doesn’t Mean I have To Like You #31WriteNow

I never thought much of the saying, “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”. It was one of those universal truths that no matter what; family is important. As I grew older, I realized that family is not just blood but bonds of trust. Trust is the simple most important factor in any relationship. Why should that be any different just because people share the same bloodlines? I learn a very important lesson this past weekend; blood without trust and respect ain’t thick at all.

I’ll admit that I don’t have a very good relationship with my father. It’s more of an acquaintance than a parent/child relationship. I beat myself up for not making more of an effort to create a stronger relationship but there was always something holding me back. I made excuses for my failures when in the back of my mind I knew the reasons. Well, I woke up real quick and stop crushing that gut feeling telling me to cut my loses. Let’s say he did something which made me feel betrayed and hurt. It’s been something I have warned him about on multiple occasions and this was the last straw. I can’t keep allowing myself to be hurt by the same actions repeatedly and be surprised every time. I shouldn’t be angry and hurt more than I’m happy. So, I’m stepping away. Will he change? Who knows but I’m done with the roller-coaster ride.