RWBY Series #31WriteNow

Did you get a chance to check out the new series called RWBY  created by Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth?   The series is inspired by fairytale characters… if they had awesome weapons and cool powers.

The animation style is very bright and clean with clear influences of anime.   I love how light the drawing appears as if the characters are ready to jump out the screen any minute.  This series with its fight scenes and interesting art style would make a gorgeous video game.

Check out the first episode below


Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2012

Decided to attend C2E2 this year and check out some of my pics:

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2012

Check out some snippets of the Husbands Panel and John Barrownman Q&A Panel

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Mini-Review: Princess Tutu Anime


Before the story of Princess Tutu, there was a writer named Drosselmeyer.  He had the power to make stories become reality.  The townspeople became fearful of this power and chopped of his hands then killed him.   Drosselmeyer’s last story, The Prince and The Raven, was left unfinished leaving the Prince and the Raven to battle each other forever without release.  Eventually, the Raven figured out how to break out of the story into the real world.  The Prince pursued the Raven and shatter his own heart with his sword in order to seal the Raven away.

Unbeknownst to the townspeople, Drosselmeyer longed written about himself before dying and was able to continue control events.  He decided to changed the direction of the story.  He changes a duck aptly named Duck to Princess Tutu and gives her the power to restore pieces of the Prince’s heart to him.  Duck can never tell the Prince her feelings for him or else she disappears in a flash of light.


At first, I thought Princess TuTu will be just another “Magical Girl” anime but I was pleasantly surprised.   It’s more of a ballet fairy-tale with Magical Girl elements throw in.  The anime takes some story elements from Swan Lake and other fairy-tale ballets.    The biggest concept in the anime is fate versus free will.  Do we really have no say in our future or can we beat the odds of our situation?   It also explores how our outside persona is used to cover up the real emotions inside.  Someone who tries to please everyone may just experiencing loneliness and going overboard to placate that raw feeling.

The artwork is beautiful.  It feels nostalgic and fragile if that makes any sense.   Conflicts in Princess Tutu are not solved through violence but ballet dances.  I have to admit during some of the “fight” scenes I got a bit emotional.    The combination of the beautiful art, dance sequences, music, and words can tug a bit at the heart strings.  If you like character driven anime and ballet, I think you will enjoy Princess Tutu.   Let me say this, Mytho (the Prince) is a bit dead but I guess since he’s suppose to not have a heart or emotions..  meh…

Rating: Hells Yea!

Mini-Review: Gantz


The story of Kei Kurono and his childhood friend Masaru Kato who died in a train accident. They become part of a posthumous ‘game’ where they have to hunt down and kill aliens within a certain time period armed with handful of futuristic items of equipment and weaponry. Ah, but they are not alone! Kei and Masaru are transported to a seemingly ordinary apartment with other recently decreased people. Will they work together to survive? Or will they turn on each other for their own survival?


The one thing I can say is the main character, Kei, is not super likable. He’s one of those guys who you don’t love but don’t super hate. It’s indifference which is worse than hate cause you just don’t understand why we even care about the jerk. The anime seems intent on making sure if you start to like him a little bit to dash those hopes. In fact, most of the characters are not super likable. It seems as if bad stuff happens to the characters just because but on the other hand that’s life. The only redeeming character in the story is Masaru who is genuinely kind, heroic and moral… but he’s not the central character… Go figure.

The art style is clean and pretty but not so lush that you wonder if someone is going to throw out rose petals any minute. Gantz is a very violent and bloody anime. You will see guts pouring out. Brains oozing out and all that.. um.. good stuff.

Anime has a very interesting premise. Would you hold on to your human nature in this scenario? Would you question the purpose of your life or if you are really living at all?


Meh. It’s alright. [For those that love really bloody animes even with paper thin storyline, it’s a HELLS YEA!] It’s watchable but only because you wonder how much of a jerk can Kei become.

Mini-Review: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Anime


Panty and Stocking are angels known as the Anarchy sisters… that so happen to get kicked out of Heaven due to their bad behavior. They are sent to Daten City located in between Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately, there are monsters called “Ghosts” that attack the city and it’s up to the Anarchy sister to get rid of these pests using their powers. One perk is the ability to transform their clothing into weapons.

With the help of Reverend Garterbelt and their pet zipper-dog Chuck, Panty and Stocking must destroy these Ghosts, in order to collect enough Heaven Coins to return to Heaven.


This show is freaking CRAZY. The anime doesn’t takes itself seriously and makes fun of various movies and tv shows. The drawing style is a mix of Invader Zim and Danny Phantom but don’t get comfortable cause the style will randomly change throughout the episode. These are not your typically goody good angels! Older sister, Panty, is two steps from being a sex addict while younger sister, Stocking, is a glutton for sweets with masochistic tendencies. While their looks contrast, they both can display very short tempers. Do you like your anime with a mix of hilarity, spunk and tongue in cheek craziness? This is the show for you!

Rating: Hells Yea!

Mini-Review: Iron Man Anime


Tony Stark is in Japan to join Lab 23 in developing and building a power station that will provide clean energy. He’s ready to announce his retirement as Iron Man and build a mass-produced Iron Man, Dio, to pass on his hero duties. Too bad that the terrorist organization, Zodiac is making this difficult.


What can I said? It’s Iron Man. Tony Stark is still a cocky muthercuffer.. still flirts with any beautiful woman within his radius… still a smart-ass. The drawing style is shiny and pretty with a realistic flare. There is nothing new brought to the table. It’s cliche after cliche. So, if you love Iron Man then you will like this anime. If you wanted to see a different spin on this character, you might wanna look somewhere else.

Rating: Meh. It’s alright.

Mini-Review: Wolverine Anime


Based lossely on Wolverine miniseries that was set in Japan, by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller from the early 1980s. Wolverine goes to Japan search for Mariko, a woman he falls for while in New York, and who suddenly disappeared. He finds out that she is the daughter of the head of a Yakuza organization, Yashida Shingen, and was brought back to Japan to fulfill her duty in an arranged marriage. Shingen wants Mariko to marry an influential person, in order to forge a convenient political alliance. Logan attempts to rescue Mariko but it’s gonna be harder than it looks.


Once again, this is Wolverine… Aint no more I can say! The drawing style is shiny and pretty like in the Iron Man anime. I expected Wolverine to be drawn more gruffy (is that even a word) but he looks… well kinda pretty. Not saying Wolverine should be butt ugly, it’s just he had a hard life so he should look HARD. Earlier when the anime was rumored to come out, I was joking that Logan would be screaming ‘MARIKO’ everywhere. Yea, he kinda does. If you read the Wolverine comic mini-series , you kinda know where this is going… Just watching the first 4 episodes I was not wowed like I hoped. But if you love Wolverine, watch this anime. If you tired of the storyline where Wolverine goes through hell for some chick, I swear I need you to stay away. I was hoping for just Wolverine kicking ass.. he does but they added pining for a woman in it.

Rating: Meh. It’s alright