Operation Cubicle Episode 4: Meetings

Episode 4: Meetings.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole bring the rant hammer onto meetings and everything we hate and love … no, just what we hate. On the corporate side, Jackson whines about being late to meetings, BCole talks about inception meetings about meetings, and JP accurately describes the sounds of nature that occurs when no one has any questions during your meetings. On the geeky side, the group tackles multiplayer gaming in person vs being called every slur in the book over Xbox live, meeting internet friends in real life, and if we’ll ever get meetings like Demolition Man but with Minority Report screen protectors.


Operation Cubicle Episode 3: Shortcuts

Episode 3: Shortcuts.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole cover all of your favorite Windows shortcuts. Most involve the windows button, and BCole mysteriously has a keyboard that lacks this. Shame! After we leave the company side, we talk about shortcuts we took in our neighborhoods – Agent Jackson dares trains to hit him, JP Fairfield scales gates like Jackie Chan, and BCole gets three legged dogs to hunt down his siblings. Don’t worry, we also tackle some gaming shortcuts, as the trio reminisce about Rainbow Road, warp zones vs warp whistles, and playing as Air Dog. BOOMSHAKALAKA!

Operation Cubicle Episode 2: Task Management

Episode 2: Task Management.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole show you how to manage tasks at the job and within geekdom! At our jobs, Jackson takes the caveman approach of pen and paper, JP builds Skynet, and BCole looks at us funny. On the geeky side, we rant about open world vs closed world games, grinding in RPGs, Superman doing the laundry, Batman and the Joker going food shopping, and when the hell Jack Bauer actually used the bathroom. Check us out at operationcubicle.podomatic.com.