Operation Cubicle #46: Fall Season

Operation Cubicle #46 Fall Season.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and De Ana Jones aka naniRandomRapName celebrate the wonderfulness of fall by falling flat on their faces. But first in the intro, we talk about co-queens, Nerdy Girl Swag, TV squees, the award winning Nerdgasm Noire Network, NJ Transit lost & found.

On the corporate side, Jackson shows love for the magical fruit horn that blows watermelons, JP shows off her sweater dress game, and nani3000 must offer final judgement whether pumpkin coffee is good or bad. Three cubicle breaks are falling flat on your face!

On the geeky side, we’re all generally cranky and want all of the sleep during gloomy fall days, but we have an epic discussion on our likes and dislikes for fall TV.

Music:: Ultramagnetic MCs – Critical Beatdown – “Ease Back” and “Moe Luv Theme”
Guest Info: +De Ana Jones,@nanicoolj, NerdyGirlSwag.wordpress.com,
Cubicle Break: http://cubiclebreak.tumblr.com, http://twitter.com/cubiclebreak


Operation Cubicle #39: Sleep

Operation Cubicle #39: Sleep.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and special Guest Sydney (who’s been providing our wonderful Cubicle Breks) try to stay the hell away as we talk about sleep. But first, we talk about booty twerking, allergies and the difference between perfume and cologne.

On the corporate side, Jackson dangerously rests his head on his hand during meetings and goes to la la land, JP does phone conferences from the bed and totally dozes off, and Sydney will call your ass out if you fall asleep during her presentations. Plus, l33t alarm haxxoring!

On the geeky side, Jackson just wanted to stay up late enough to watch the Tonight Show as a kid, JP details her temporary cuddle struggle with snorers and non-snorers alike , and Sydney explains the benefits of white noise. You hang up. No you hang up. No you hang up. No you … zzzzzzzzzz

Guest info: @ThatsMsSydney2U

Music: A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders – “Award Tour” and “God Lives Through”

Operation Cubicle #35: Workplace Annoyances

Operation Cubicle #35: Workplace Annoyances.

Agent Jackson and JP review the LifeHacker article “The Worst Coworkers and Workplace Annoyances (and How to Deal with Them)

We talk about the lunch thief, the hoverer, endless meetings, the obnoxious noisy coworkers, the chronically late coworker, and the dangers of being always on call.

Music: Wyclef Jean – The Carnival – “Year of the Dragon” and “Guantanamera”

Operation Cubicle #34: Exercise

Operation Cubicle #34: Exercise.

Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield work it out with TimDogg98 as we talk about excercise.

On the corporate side, Jackson gets outjocked cause he’s never done the company sports team, JP will kill you if you wipe down the excercise machine with your sweaty cloth, and Tim gets free lunch every day like a bawse.

On the geeky side, Jackson loses out to Hulk and Superman, JP goes in on Bane, and Tim works out with crazy excercise folk.

Music: O.C. – Jewelz – “It’s Only Right” and “Stronjay”

Guest Info @timdogg98, @thekliqnation, TheKliqNation.com, +The Kliq

Operation Cubicle #33: Motivation

Operation Cubicle #33: Motivation.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole talk about ways to stay motivated in and out of work. We read feedback about why Agent Jackson should impersonate DMX, Tootsie Roll racism, how everyone’s scared of last week’s guest Eclectik, and what exactly should happen to snitches.

On the corporate side, Jackson impersonates DMX more, JP is the master of hot chocolate, and BCole needs some fresh air. We’re also have three Cubicle Breaks by MidwestSouthernBlend cocked and loaded!

On the geeky side, Jackson impersonates DMX again like a bawse, JP goes Nerdgasm Noire on Deadpool, and BCole getspwned by 13 yr old noobs. ARF ARF WHAT THE DEAL!

Music: Big Daddy Kane – Long Live The Kane – “Raw rmx” and “Ain’t No Half Steppin”

Operation Cubicle #32: Suck Ups

Operation Cubicle #32: Suck Ups.

Agent Jackson and JP welcome special guest Eclectik to suck it up about suck ups! But first, we Step It Up to the Streets and JP expresses a grievance about Magic Mike.

On the corporate side, Jackson laughs as an attempted suck up presentation gets swatted down, JP requires emails and screenshots, and Eclectik brings the ice grill to the workplace and makes suck ups punch walls. We’re also featuring our first ever Cubicle Break reading by MidwestSouthernBlend!

On the geeky side, Jackson is not ashamed of abusing his little brother crybaby status, JP was a mute, and Eclectik has a strange desire for flavored Tootsie Rolls.

Music: KRS One – Return of the Boom Bap – “Return of the Boom Bap” and “Mad Crew”

Guest Info: EclectikRelaxation.com, @eclectik, @PodcastEDP