Recipe Experiment: Herb roasted Lamb

Wanted to try out recipe for Herb Roasted Lamb

Herb roasted lamb Before

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Veggie stir fry on deck

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Herb roasted lamb after…. Yea I don’t like how it looks baked… Will stay with skillet cooked.

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Operation Cubicle #70: Breakfast

Operation Cubicle #70: Breakfast

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and special guest Rock aka Betahadji from the Black Astronauts podcast help us consume the most important meal of the day – breakfast! We hit up the corporate and geeky questions below, but we somehow meander into whether pontificate is a word, significant others spying on our podcasts, Drake freestyle raps, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts, fast food menus switching from breakfast to lunch, McGangBang, cutting up food and the proper way to put syrup on pancakes.

Operation Cubicle #14: Food

OpCube #14: Food.

Agent Jackson and BCole man up for another episode, as JP leaves them high and dry and celebrates Mardi Gras in Nawlins! But that’s alright, because we have FOOD, which is this week’s topic! On the corporate side, Jackson munches on munchkins and BCole tests the limits of cubicle etiqutte with crab legs and gumbo. On the geeky side, Jackson tells his infamous clove story and BCole confirms that real men make girl scout alcoholic recipes while drunk. Music: Slum Village – Fantastic Vol 2. “Get Dis Money” and “Forth and Back”.