Operation Cubicle RR #1: De La Soul’s Mosaic Thump

Operation Cubicle RR #1: De La Soul’s Mosaic Thump

Welcome to Rhyme Right, where Agent Jackson spend a few minutes talking about the songs featured on the latest episode of Operation Cubicle, ep 91 “Social Networking”. This episode talks about “Declaration”, “View”, and the Ghost Weed skits from De La Soul’s album Mosaic Thump (2000).


Sweet Music

I’m so highly amused by this entire video… the awkward dancing.. the thinly veiled sexual innuendos… short leather jackets with no shirt underneath… it’s all an exercise in killing me softly with laughter.

If you have not listen or view anything by Turquoise Jeep, I need you to do that like NOW… right after you finish reading this post & watching their latest video.

The Troubletones: Best Thing Glee Ever Done

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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Glee.  Trust me, I was knocking over people trying to get home in time despite the fact I had a PVR. I was happy there was another diverse ensemble cast on tv (Shout-out to Community!).  What I wasn’t happy about was how Glee boxed some of its minority characters in stereotypical storylines or used as background for other characters.

Sure, they were able to bring me back when they (FINALLY!) dug deep and gave Kurt a real storyline outside of being the fabulous one.  On the other hand, the bulk of the focus was still on Rachel and Finn.  I thought the show was called Glee not ‘Rachel & Finn on Glee’.  Heck, we never even got to hear Matt (the black guy) utter a word before he disappeared into the ether!   Mercedes has a storyline about TATER TOTS!   Can’t they let Tina sing a whole damn song by herself!  Once again, I was at a crossroads with Glee. Do I stick with it?  In my head, I knew if Rachel got one more show full of solos I was taking it off my scheduled shows list.

The writers in Glee suddenly had a epiphany.  The episode, “Asian F”, pulled me back in with promise.  Mike and Mercedes actually get storylines.  My body is ready!  We are not going to discuss the stereotypical asian storyline for Mike right now.  I’m just happy he’s getting screen time and a chance for character development.  I urge the writers to think outside the box and stop going into the “been there done that in 1000 others shows” bag.

Anyway, we are not here to dissect the various fails of Glee.  I want to celebrate one… THE TROUBLETONES.  I’m sorry but where have they been all my life.  So far, every song they have done has been golden.  Seriously, if this is the caliber of awesome that Shelby brings she needs to be the only Glee director.  I’m sorry Will but… you kinda suck in comparison.

The Troubletones have not done many songs yet but I have not roll my eyes at one song yet.  Mercedes, Santana and Brittany are the Trinity of Talent.

The Troubletones cover Christina Aguilera’s song Candyman in Season 3 Episode 4 “Pot O’ Gold”

These girls are KILLING this song. They are all glowing and smiling. It’s infectious! Hell, Will knows he messed up BIG TIME.

Let’s take a look at Episode 6, “Mash Off”. Our first competitor is the New Directions singing a mash up of “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”/”You Make My Dreams” by Hall ‘N Oats.

  1. Why does it look like it hurts Finn to sing?
  2. The costumes and dancing around tip the line to corny.
  3. It didn’t pull me in. It’s a fun little mash up but it was meh at best.

Our second competitor is The Troubletimes singing a mash up of Rumour Has It / Someone Like You by Adele

  1. I love the choeregraphy. The start is so powerful and interesting.
  2. When the music stops and silence washes over you, my heart skipped a beat.
  3. The costumes were on point.
  4. The push/pull of the choeregraphy and the arrangement keep me from getting bored. I didn’t want to miss anything.
  5.  The combination of Santana’s and Mercedes’ voices are like BUTTER.

They never say the winner of the mash-up but for me… it was The Troubletones for the K.O.