The Chromatic Life

I got a chance to hang out with the awesome hosts of The Chromatic Life podcast.

We talked about Splatoon, Batman Arkham Knight sucking on PC, Steven Universe, and how POCs are tired of talking to white people about racism.

Check out Episode 2 – Bronies Ain’t My Homies.

#Wiscon Here I COME!!!!

This year I am attending Wiscon and will be a panelist on the following panels.

Saturday – May 23rd

Podcast for Beginners (8:30–9:45 am)
So you want to start a podcast. You have a computer, a mic, and Skype. What else do you need? What does good editing software cost? Where’s the best place to host? How do you get your podcast listed in all the right places? A panel of seasoned podcasters is ready to answer your questions, give great advice, and probably pop their Ps.

Just Say No to #DollarStoreThor: A Sleepy Hollow Panel (2:30–3:45 pm)
The first half of Sleepy Hollow season 2 had much of the fandom asking: WTF happened?! The first season was amazing and gave us all hope. The second season dismantled nearly everything that made it attractive to its viewers. Fans wondered why it was so hard for networks to consistently depict characters of color with complexity and respect. But then the second half of the season happened, and everything changed. And that finale was a blatant apology to every fan who abandoned the show. Is this the power of the audience made manifest? Should we give Sleepy Hollow another chance?

Sunday – May 24th

Is Anyone Listening? Black Women’s Experiences in Podcasting (8:30–9:45 am)
Podcasting has been around for more than a decade and has given access to different voices without access to commercial radio or television. Yet around 70 of the top 100 podcasts in Stitcher & iTunes are hosted exclusively by men, with only around 10 exclusively women-led. This number is drastically smaller for exclusively Black women hosts of podcasts. This panel invites Black women to share their experiences as a podcast host, challenges keeping an audience engaged, being relegated to “niche,” and combating sexism and racism in another medium largely dominated by white, cis-gendered men.

Are Casual Gamers Considered “Real Gamers”? (2:30–3:45 pm)
One point of contention in the gaming community is the divide between who is considered a “hardcore gamer” and a “casual gamer”. The schism partly lands on ideas of classism, sexism and racism. Can we honestly make this distinction without participating in exclusion? Is “hardcore gamer” identity based on game genre or passion? Why are casual gamers considered pariahs by some in the gaming community? This panel will explore those themes in gaming culture and ways to move the culture forward toward inclusion.

Nerdgasm Noire Network Live At Wiscon (4:00–5:15 pm)
Ladies of the podcast Nerdgasm Noire Network take over Wiscon to discuss various topics such as best sci-fi movies & books, fantasy versus sci-fi genres, terrible witches in Sleepy Hollow, increased representation of POC in network television, and more! Come hang out with us! Bring your nerd rants, corny jokes and guilty pleasures!

ICYMI: Guest on GSB: After Dark Show on Street Harassment

GSB-LogoI was a guest on Geek Soul Brother: After Dark podcast hosted by Geek Soul Brother.

The topic that week was on Street Harassment which is a touchy subject for me. I have been dealing with street harassment personally since the age of 12 and it never gets easier. All I can do is try to manage my feelings as best I can.

Please check out the episode: GSB After Dark: STREET HARASSMENT

Let’s Talk About Women Hosts

Everyone’s always talking about diversity in media but the one place that gets neglected is podcasting.  I read an interesting article, Women Hosted Podcasts, written by Julie Shapiro detailing her journey to find more women hosted podcasts.  Let’s just say that some of the stats she found were depressing.

Here’s a quote that I thought was poignant.

And they point to the disappointing truth: that podcasting – hailed back in 2004 as a “revolutionary” new tool for freedom of expression and endless creative opportunity – quickly copped the same gender stereotypes and realities that traditional broadcasting environments have demonstrated throughout history.

No matter how new and revolutionary something appears… it can never truly be an open space if it mimics the same barriers that pulled us back into older ways.  Let’s do better as a community and support each other & especially minority populations within our ranks.  Please check out the article and view the list of Women Hosted Podcasts.  You may find a new show you like!

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Operation Cubicle #7a: Some Feedback

OpCube #7a: Some Feedback.

Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and BCole read and respond to user feedback that you’ve so graciously sent! But first, the crew shout outs all of the countries that check out the podcast – we get love from every continent except from the haters in Antarctica. After that the crew delves into feedback topics, which include embedding audio files into Google+, why admins run the office, Windows Tab vs Alt Tab, disgusting office keyboards.