White Mob Viciously Attacks, Nearly Kills Black Siblings and the Media Is Silent

Please spread this story. This is ridiculous that not more media outlets are discussing this


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.45.53 AM Photo from Kristina Fox

Racism & the Media: White Mob Viciously Attacks, Nearly Kills Black Siblings and the Media Is Silent

From Bay Area Intifada

Written by Jabar

A plea for support by way of a Facebook post started making its rounds early Wednesday morning. Kristina Fox of Chicago posted a horrifying account with graphic photographs of a vicious beating that nearly killed her and her brother Marcus Fox. The following is the full post from Kristina Fox:

From Kristina Fox:

“On the morning of Saturday, May 30, 2015, my little brother, Marcus Fox, my daughter’s father, Darrius Walton, and myself were sitting in [Chicago/Canaryville’s] Taylor Lauridsen Park conversing with 3 Caucasian people we had just met (Courtney, Kevin, and Jodie). Everyone was having a nice time. Approximately 7-9 more Caucasian people arrived in the park.

My little brother being the social butterfly he is introduced himself and began…

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White People Boycott Ebony Magazine #31WriteNow

Ebony decided to make a statement and dedicated their September issue covers to Trayvon Martin.   Of course, there were some people not too happy about the covers.  Check out link to Storify post.

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